December 23, 2014

Some good news, at last.  The results of my breast MRI show nothing untoward, so no more tests (other than the biopsy already scheduled) are needed.  So, unless there’s something going on with the left breast, my cancer, at this point, is just in my right breast.  I get to see the pictures from the MRI when I have the biopsy done on my left breast on Wednesday.

I got a referral to see the radiation oncologist, and am scheduled to meet with Dr. Lundahl on Tuesday.  Radiation seems so far away – I’m focused on the surgery first, chemo second, but it’ll be good to get an idea of what I’m facing after chemo.  When they talk about a breast cancer care team, they really mean it.  Lots of moving parts and people.

Ted (my husband) says I should credit  Indeed, it was the first website I visited when I received my diagnosis, and I started reading.  Not everything made sense, though, until after I met with the nurse education (Jennifer),  the breast surgeon (Dr. Ching) and the medical oncologist (Dr. Priya).

I’m beginning to tell more of my friends.  Of course they’re absolutely, fabulously supportive.  I requested knitted caps and hats from Nancy and Melissa, because I’m fairly sure I’m not going to get a wig.  I’m going to wear my cancer loud and proud as a reminder to all of my female friends to do your breast self-exams and get your annual mammogram.

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