Wow, that was awful. – February 17, 2015

I actually went to work today, which felt great.  I’ve missed seeing all my colleagues and while I barely had a minute to relax, it was wonderful.  Working while going through this was what I’ve wanted all along, so I was so happy to go to work.

My day was compressed because I had to leave early to get a blood draw.  I chose to have the blood draw through my port, which meant only a nurse who’s been trained on using the port can do the blood draw, not just any phlebotomist.  The blood draw went fine, and while I was there I finally met Margaret, the diarrhea nurse, and she got Velia too.  They both apologized again for all that I went through, and that they should have brought in Dr. K sooner.  I appreciate the apology, I just wish it hadn’t happened.

I got a call around 6 pm from the on call oncologist, who said the lab called him to alert him to a very low potassium level in my results.  He called in a prescription for potassium, and when I went to pick it up, the pharmacist warned me that it could cause me to gag while drinking it. Apparently the doctor called in a prescription for the liquid form of potassium, even though there’s a pill form available.  Let me tell you, the pharmacist was not wrong (my niece the pharmacist would chime in that of course the pharmacist was right).  That potassium is the nastiest, vilest stuff I’ve ever had.  Nastier than the opium, and nastier than the drink to prepare one for a colonoscopy.  I’d take either of those over that potassium and how lovely, I have 3 more days of it.  Ick ack pitooey!

Tomorrow I have an appointment with Dr. K.  Hopefully despite my low potassium and some other low values I can still have my chemo treatment on Thursday.   Wish me luck!

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