Not Too Bad! – March 25, 2015

The past two weeks have been very interesting!  It seems this new protocol might be easier on me, but it’s a little hard to tell.  I had to take Decadron (steroid) and Zofran (anti-nausea) for 3 days after my treatment, and usually if things start going south it’s after I’m no longer taking these drugs.  Things were fine for those 3 days, and true to form, starting Tuesday night, I started to feel wonky.  I wonder now if Ted and I didn’t get some virus, because we both were not feeling well; I had stomach cramps.  I didn’t eat much, which then, of course, meant that I was weak.  I actually got dressed to go to work on Thursday, but needed to pick up some prescriptions and almost passed out at the CVS.  And then the always lovely nausea returned Thursday night.

Fortunately, I had a couple of angels looking out for me!  My colleague Eric suggested that I try drinking Boost for the calories, protein and liquid.  So when my friends Jeremy and Nancy asked if I needed anything, I asked them pick me up some.  Well, am I ever glad I have awesome friends and colleagues.  I had a couple of Boosts that night, which stayed down, and I’ve continued to drink it.  I feel SO much better!  I have more energy, and feel almost normal.  And best of all things, the diarrhea has mostly stopped.  I still have to be careful with what I eat, because my body tells me immediately when I’ve made a wrong food choice, but the Boost has really helped.  So much so that I’ve worked some pretty long days, and reverted to my old habits, which is working until 1 or 2 am.  My colleague Julie admonished me for doing that, so I’m hoping to hit the pillow earlier tonight.  🙂

I’m still dealing with some of the effects of the Taxotere:  I’ve had neuropathy in my fingertips for about a month now, and about 2 weeks ago my hands starting peeling, especially my fingertips.  They’ve peeled so badly that I’ve lost my fingerprints and I can’t unlock my iPhone using the fingerprint sensor!  I know, 1st world problems.  My cheeks are still recovering from being cooked from the inside – they’re basically permanently flushed. I hope that the discoloration will go away naturally as the skin renews itself.

I finally had Ted shave my head.  The thin places were growing, and it was just time.  I have to admit I kinda like it.  It feels cool – literally and figuratively.  I think Ted might have found a second career – he’s done an awesome job as my barber.  He might be enjoying it a little too much.

I continue to be amazed by all the support I’ve received.  In addition to my angels Eric, Jeremy and Nancy, I got a huge package of homemade chocolate almond toffee from my friend John, and I think a 6.5 gallon tin of Garretts Chicago Mix from my Chicago boys Derek and Mike.  I am quickly going to gain any weight back that I’ve lost.  I’ve received cards, presents and FB messages from people I’ve never met and from people I haven’t heard from in decades.  I’ve had people offer to give me rides to my appointments or infusions, and others who have come to the infusion center to sit with me while I get my treatments.

On the flip side, some people that I would have thought would keep in close touch have seemingly disappeared from my life, or at least it feels that way.  I know that I’ve become a bit self-absorbed (I hope understandably so), and perhaps that’s the issue.  More likely, I think, are that some people can’t deal with what I’m going through for whatever reason.  It makes me a bit sad.  I wanted  – and needed – to be very open about what’s going on, and if it’s keeping some away, well, that’s an unintended consequence.  I can’t worry about it too much.  I have to concentrate on me.

Tomorrow I have a blood draw, then have to wait for the results before I meet with my doctor.  So I’ll be at the Oncology department all afternoon.  Assuming my test results are okay, I’ll have my 2nd infusion of Adriamycin and Cytoxan on Friday.  It should be a relatively short infusion and so I’m hoping to go to work in the afternoon.  Maybe my life is slowly getting back to “normal.”

2 thoughts on “Not Too Bad! – March 25, 2015

  1. Jeannine Mahoney-Sexton says:

    Hi Caroline,

    I love reading your post. My husband shaved by head too (but back then, we were just starting to date). I also felt really good sporting my bald head and actually did a lot of swimming. And guess what – no blow dryer, expensive haircuts or products (saved so much money on my hair, I was able to
    booked a small vacation after I completed 8 months of treatment) . Well you are naturally beautiful and probably never used a blower dryer….Reading your post reminds me of my treatment period and I totally understand everything you are going through –

    Sending healing thoughts to you today and everyday.

    Jeannine Mahoney-Sexton


  2. thesamthatiam says:

    Hearing that things are going well for you makes me happy. :). And that Boost idea deserves high praise! Good for you, Caroline. Keep kicking that cancer’s butt!!!!!


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