One Less Tooth – April 7, 2015

This new protocol is definitely better for me.  On Wednesday, which is usually when I start feeling badly from treatment, I did feel crappy towards the end of the workday, so I took off a little early, got home, and then took a 3 hour nap!  The next day we got early release at work in preparation for the Good Friday holiday.  I managed to do a volunteer training and still watch my beloved Cardinal win its 2nd NIT title in 4 years. I took it easy on Friday and thought I escaped any bad side effects from this round of treatment.  Oh well.

I think I didn’t eat or drink enough on Saturday – my routine was off a little because I was home, and it all caught up for me on Sunday.  I felt weak and shakey, but we had a day of activities planned.  I had to make my famous bourbon yams for Easter dinner, drop that and a ham off at my sister’s, then go to the San Jose Earthquakes match.  On the way down to the game – at the worst possible point on the drive down – I told Ted that he needed to pull over because I was going to vomit.  And vomit I did.  Good thing I had a cup in the car, because Ted couldn’t pull over in time.   I was still able to enjoy the game, despite the Quakes’ loss and a crampy stomach; by the time I got to my sister’s for Easter dinner I was feeling a little better, except for the diarrhea…I was able to eat Easter dinner, which was awesome.  It was good to spend time with my family.

Yesterday I had a blood draw and the counts were heading the right direction.  My magnesium is still low, but Dr. K gave me the okay to have my tooth pulled.  I thought I was going to get Versed for the procedure, and arranged for my sister to drive me home.  Turns out it was just a local.  The whole procedure took less than 20 minutes, and half of that was waiting for the Novocaine to kick in.  The infection definitely took it toll on my tooth – it came out very easily.  The dentist didn’t put a spacer in, so it feels odd to have a missing place.  The throbbing was pretty bad last night and this morning, but right now it’s very manageable.

Dr. H (dentist) explained to me why he insisted that I delay my next treatment until a week from Friday.  He said that if he allowed me to have chemo this Friday that my counts would start to head south, and I’d be unable to fight off the 147 different types of bacteria which live in a mouth.  He said that he could guarantee that he’d see me at Stanford Hospital with an infection I couldn’t fight if I had chemo.  So no chemo for me on Friday. The downside is that this potentially delays my surgery, and I have a very good reason for wanting my surgery to be the week of August 10, which I’ll explain later.  The upside is that I leave for New Orleans on Saturday – one of my favorite cities – and so I should be feeling really great and can enjoy myself.  And maybe enjoy that famous NOLA cuisine.

Dr. Priya, my oncologist, returns from medical leave on Monday, so now my appointments are with her.  I’ve like Dr. K a lot, but I love Dr. Priya, and I’m happy to have her back.  In the meantime, there shouldn’t be much happening between now and April 17.  At least I hope not.

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