Cumulative Effects – June 2, 2015

Not much to update, except that the cumulative effects of the chemo are definitely being felt.  Sunday I couldn’t keep anything down – in either direction.  That meant the Monday I was feeling extremely weak. I went to work, but had to stay home today while I gathered my strength.  I was able to eat more today, and while I still have diarrhea, I no longer have nausea.  I feel better.  I will have to figure out a way to control the nausea for the few days after chemo.

I managed to get myself to my scheduled echo in the afternoon.  The echo checks that the chemo isn’t doing any damage to my heart.  It was painless and fairly quick.   I have an appointment with Dr. Priya on Thursday.  Sometime soon I hope to have a definitive answer on whether the Taxol rounds of chemo is going to be 10 or 12 weeks.


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