One Week of Radiation Done! – October 18, 2015

Week 1 of radiation is done, and so far so good.  There’s a little bit of redness on my breast at night but by morning it’s gone, and so far my energy has been good.  The treatment itself is nothing…it takes more time to get me all situated so I’m in the correct position than the actual treatment.  I’m sure it’ll get worse as time goes on, but for now it’s all good.

The Flagyl is doing its job, as are the probiotics and yogurt.  I haven’t had diarrhea in a day or two, and that’s always a good sign.  I even had cheese dip yesterday, and thus far we’re good.  I’ll be on the Flagyl for a few days yet.

Thus far I’m scheduled for treatments until the Friday before Thanksgiving, which is 30 treatments.  The typical treatment plan is 33-36; somehow I have the sneaky suspicion that I’ll be getting radiation the week of Thanksgiving. We are planning to spend a quiet Turkey Day at home with one of those complete Thanksgiving dinners so neither of us have to really cook.  If everything I hear is correct, by Thanksgiving I’ll be pretty fatigued and all I’m going to want to do is sit at home, eat, snuggle with my kitties and maybe knit.  I love to cook Thanksgiving dinner, so maybe I can make Thanksgiving dinner for Christmas. Maybe.

2 thoughts on “One Week of Radiation Done! – October 18, 2015

  1. Joan Harryman says:

    Wow! All this time how could I have forgotten 😦 I just finished reading this whole blog. I bookmarked it a long time ago and so glad I did. What an amazing journey you have just taken me on. I am amazed at what you have been through and how well you have handled everything. You, I have always thought, was an amazing person. I would love your attitude with kitties in URRKN. Now more amazing in what you have just been through so far, and how you have handled your chemo, radiation, sickness etc. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. It has been hard at times to read and I am thinking, yes if it is she that is dealing with this, it is I who can read it. Bless you and may you continue to to well. I will be checking back. Much love to you, your husband, family and friends who have been helping you through this ❤


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