Quick! Hand me the Rogaine! – February 13, 2015

I started losing my hair today.

You know that some days it seems there’s more hair on your brush than usual?  I thought maybe that’s what it was, or that because I hadn’t taken a shower in a few days, that’s why there was more hair than normal.  And then it just wouldn’t stop.  I mean, it did, but when I got out of the shower, there was quite a pile on the drain.  You know in movies how the hair comes out?  That’s what it felt like, but it wasn’t that much in each clump.  It just felt like there was, and now, I can’t run my hands through my hair without coming away with quite a few strands.  So I guess that means I’ll be getting a buzz, and then shaving my head soon.  I knew it would happen, I just wish it wouldn’t have happened this weekend.  Not only is it Valentine’s Day weekend, but Ted and I are in Sonoma with our best friends the Rosaleses and their girls for a fun weekend.

As for me otherwise, Dr. K gave me the go ahead to progress to the BRAT diet (Bananas, (white) Rice, Applesauce, (white) Toast), for which I’m grateful.  I was definitely feeling more hungry and certainly tired of liquids only.  A bit of a bummer this happened while we are here in Sonoma wine country; I’ll be surrounded by some of the best food and wine in the country, but that’s okay.  It’s the company that’s important.  Dr. K also told me that if I do okay with the BRAT diet (i.e., the diarrhea stops), then I can slowly add in other things like chicken, fish, eggs – no high fiber until the diarrhea is gone for a few days.  So tonight on our drive up we stopped at Panera and I had 1/2 a loaf (yes, 1/2 loaf!) of bread dipped in chicken broth.  It was delicious, it stayed down, and thus far my intestines have not reacted adversely.  Here’s to hoping that I’m finally on the upswing from these terrible 2 weeks.

My friend Angie got her first mammogram today, and I’d like to think it’s mainly because of me.  She turned 40 in the last year, and I nagged her to go until she made an appointment.  I think many women are afraid to go because they think it will hurt, or just fear of the unknown.  Angie’s appointment was for 7:30 am and by 8:05 am she sent me a private message on Facebook asking what the big deal was about mammos. Lesson in this?  If you’re 40 or older, GET A MAMMOGRAM and get one every year.  I’m the poster child for annual mammograms – my cancer grew in just one year.  To coin the Nike phrase, JUST DO IT.

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