Hair, Hair Everywhere – February 14, 2015

Sometimes I’m not a patient person.  Today was one of those days.  I grew more and more annoyed with finding my hair everywhere as strands kept falling out.  I got impatient with all that hair everywhere, so much so that I decided that I wanted to get my head buzzed at the very least, if not shaved.  Easier said than done here in Guerneville!  One salon was inexplicably closed, another was fully booked, and one wouldn’t answer the phone, so I had no idea what its status was.  So I decided for a buzz it probably was better (and cheaper) to go to a barber shop instead.  The only barbershop in town?  Closed for business.

My solution?  Just cut all my hair and then I shave it.  Kim was brave enough to cut the hair – as short as one can with scissors.  Mark then got it even shorter, and we were ready to shave my head, but I decided to think about it.  By the time I did, it was too late – we had to get ready for dinner.  So I have a buzz of sorts.  At this point I’ll wait until we get home, where we have a buzz kit.  Ted can give me a buzz and we can decide whether to shave or not, but if I decide to go bald it will be easier to shave with a close buzz.

Now that my hair is semi-buzzed, you can clearly see bald spots already.  That was fast!

As for my intestines, it’s status quo.  I’m not having only the BRAT diet but staying close to it; for lunch I had some pasta plain and bread that I dipped into chicken broth.  The diarrhea hasn’t stopped, but has definitely slowed way down, and I’m okay with that.

It’s a beautiful weekend up here – 70 degrees, sunny and just all around amazing.  We’re having a good time!





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